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In "The Pro Football Historical Abstract," author and sports statistical genius Sean Lahman presents a revolutionary new approach to football statistics. Using methods he's developed over years (such as "adjusted yards" and "Q ratings"), he looks at football in an all-encompassing way and rates the best players throughout the history of America's most popular team sport. Lahman sets forth new all-time rankings of players in each position. He also discusses how the game has changed from decade to decade, and how these changes must be considered when comparing modern players like Tom Brady, Dan Marino, and Emmitt Smith with players of past eras, such as Sammy Baugh, Jim Brown, and Johnny Unitas. Following the success of "The Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract," Lahman now establishes himself as the Bill James of football. Setting a new gold standard in books on the NFL," The Pro Football Historical Abstract" is a must for all those for whom football is a passion and more than just a game.
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