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"A winningly nostalgic, soundly authoritive and truly fascinating account of the pioneering days of professional football. The action, always human and engrossing, centers around the early teams, (circa 1914-1919) in Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. There is much attention paid to the South Bend scene and to legendary Notre Dame coach Knute Rockne, who, according to author Klosinski, was involved in pro football in his early career, an aspect of his life that has not been covered satisfactorily by previous biographers. Here then is the story of the early days of pro football, before the N.F.L. was established. It tells how the game was played, how teams were organized and gives a potpourri of events, games and humorous incidents based on the memories of five old-timers who played that early brand of football, one of whom was the author's father. Writer Klosiinski sets the record straight about the early days of professional football and gives recognition to those who helped keep the game alive during its infant years.
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