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This book contains Special Chapters on Special Army v Navy Games as well as the best Army v Notre Dame Games. This book is written for those of us who love the West Point Academy and especially Army's Black Knights Football Team. You'll like all the stories from the Academy's founding in 1820 just under 200 years ago, to the beginning of American football to the beginning of the Army football program in 1890... and all through the great Army teams of the mid-20th century to today with a revitalized Army Football Team under coach Jeff Monken. You will learn that like no other football team, the US Army Cadets are fierce and passionate competitors. From the stadium to the classroom to the research lab, the US Army Black Knights always play to win. You will learn that Army's first official football game was in 1890 even before American football had been completely defined. They lost against Navy, 0-24 and never forgot it. Army made up for that game many times over the years. You'll also learn why the immortal Dennis Michio can easily be captioned as the father of Army Football and it is not just because he did such a great job positioning the team for future greatness. He not only coached the first team in 1890, he was the team captain. Today the Stadium's name is in his honor. From here, the book moves you one Army coach at time through the immortals-Charles Daly, Biff Jones, Ralph Sasse, and Earl "Red" Blaik. And then, on the way to today, we stop for other fine coaches such as Bob Sutton and Jim Young. Army has had many great seasons, great coaches, and a ton of great players. The history of Army Football as told here is just fascinating. This book captures the many great moments and the contributions of each of the 37coaches and standout players such as Army's three Heisman winners, the immortal Felix "Doc" Blanchard, Pete Dawkins, and of course Glenn Davis. In this book, we look at every game in every season and we take the reader through great chapters about all the Army teams with great stories and accounts of 127 seasons worth of great games (1222 games) with many great moments. This book is your finest source for a great read on your favorite service academy college football team. (Cadets / Black Knights). It is the closest thing to an all-encompassing, full-blown encyclopedia of Army Football-a blow by blow history-with tales of the great moments. We capture all the action and all the memorable moments of Army football. This book is for your reading pleasure but it also can be a great reference tool for when you want to see how a particular Army game in any year happened to turn out. If you are an Army Football fan. you will not want to put this book down.
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