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This book is written for those of us who love New England Patriots Football. Those who are not the top fans of the Pats will also want this book, so they can try to get a leg up on the facts missing from the bookshelves of those Patriot fans who do not have this book. The book first tells the story about the founding of the Patriots as a new American Football League (AFL) team from Boston in 1960. But it reaches back even further in history than 1960 to find the precursor professional football teams from the turn of the century when Pro Football was just beginning. This book actually takes the Patriots fan on a journey from when there was no football at all, to where American football was only a dream, and then to where American football was played only by colleges with a mixture of soccer and rugby rules. After talking about how primitive man played football, this book quickly moves on to describe the beginning of football in the US and it recounts the first "American Football Game" in 1869. From there, the progression includes college football teams that loved the new sport and their football graduates looking for a place to play football after college. Eventually all of this builds up to the NFL, then the AFL, and of course the Boston Patriots first football game in 1960, and the first Patriots coach, Lou Saban. Then of course there are the New England Patriots, and the phenomenal Bill Belichick. It seems like yesterday but for those pros trying to create a league out of nothing, there would have been nothing without their hard work. And of course, this great book about the Patriots eventually gets a deep look at the great and soon-to-be-immortal-Patriots' coaches including Lou Saban, Mike Holovak, Chuck Fairbanks, Ray Berry, Bill Parcells, Pete Carroll, and of course the greatest living immortal coach in pro football today, Bill Belichick. The Patriots current coach has topped the list of many pundits from his first year as the Patriot head coach in 2000. This book captures the great moments in Patriots Football even before the Patriots were the New England Patriots. This Patriots-first book takes the reader through stories about the Patriots 14 coaches to great stories about the 58 seasons worth of great games (1018 games) with 523 great wins. The book often stops in time and talks about a particular great player such as John Hannah, Gino Cappelletti, Bob Dee, Vito "Babe" Parilli, Steve Grogan, Bruce Armstrong, Jim Nance, Dont'e Hightower, Drew Bledsoe, Tedy Bruschi, Ty Law, Willie McGinist, Rob Gronkowski, Wes Welker, or the greatest player in football today, Tom Brady. These stops will add substantially to your reading enjoyment. I dare you to pick up this book. If you are an avid Patriots fan, you will never put it down again. You cannot ever get enough of Patriots' greatness, but we do provide as many stories together in one spot as we can in this can't miss book.
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