FIFA 17 Trading Tips and Tricks When Starting FUT

Posted on 2016/07/18 by admin dddd

These are the top five tips for selling FIFA 17, we selected specifically for the early days of the game:


Start as soon as possible to play

The sooner you start 17 FIFA to play what the probability of success.

At the beginning of the market will be very volatile. If you know what you are doing is the best time for special offers. It's just a question of how to recognize opportunities and be able to predict how the market will develop. You will need time to make the web application for quick access FUT FUT 16 players who have created a security question and answer, 1. on the console August afternoon WS 2016 not lost.


Take time to study the market

There are no magic formulas. For real. If you want to make a lot of coins, you have to work for them.

The basic idea for the trade is for sale at a price that is higher than that paid. If you buy a card, hoping to find someone to buy it for more coins you have purchased, you will never be successful. Things do not happen like that. The market is both predictable. You have to investigate the recognition of an award, under the equilibrium price and the price of the application of the prediction is prepared to begin to offer.

It may be a good idea to follow using FUTBin that gives the lower compartment for each card prices. Forgot However, we must not think that the prices are constantly changing.


Concentrate on a parcel market

There are thousands of letters in FUT 17. It is impossible for anyone to have a good command of all.

Choose an industry in which you feel comfortable studying and staying on changes updated that occur in that specific market. It is much easier to know what the price should buy or sell tickets. Remember that to be fast, is very important that a real estate agent should have: to be quick to make a train and do not miss the opportunity to fast sales is the number of sales to increase quickly to be changes in the market notice, etc. ...


Your transfer list must be completed

Every time you do not lose more than your full list of transfer, the coins. the ability to make a profit missing. Other cards have to sell, is more and sell more benefits you get.

The first thing to do is article EAS FC Catalogue to buy in order to increase the size of the transfer list. Then only fit their prices according to their sales. If you sell quickly, it is because it can increase the price a little more. If you can not sell, then it is because it is necessary to lower the price.


Enter your card exposure as much as possible

The increased visibility they give their cards, the more benefits you get.

Most players, when looking at the market and do not go beyond page 60 minutes. For this reason, you should try, as long as possible have your cards available between Auctions first hour. To do this, simply write it for an hour and in the list again for an hour when the auction ends. If this is not possible, set the duration of the auction with the time off you will be. For example, if you go to sleep, set the duration of 6 hours. In this way, you are the cards remain for an amount of time to put on the market available and to renew it when he wakes up. provides you cheap & Safe & Legit FIFA Coins & FIFA Points, Fast Delivery & 24/7 live support.