Why I Can’t Transfer my FUT 16 Progress to FUT 17?

Posted on 2016/07/07 by admin dddd

Why start from scratch?

So much effort for nothing. A year trying to get the best player of his team. So many hours in the introduction of auctions and then lost everything. This is probably what now happens in your head ... Everyone was characterized knows the feeling. But believe it or not, the truth is that only disappears when you start a new FIFA and still return to hunt for the perfect team. You will see ...

But why do we really need to start at the bottom and not be able to keep our cards and coins?

It is important for three reasons:


Play again the same game may not be very stimulating. It is true that you already have a good team and all, but come back to the starting point may be much more interesting than it sounds, especially when everyone is doing the same thing. This year you have probably made some mistakes and now is the time to enjoy what you have learned. There is the opportunity to do the right way to achieve perfection. You can buy at the beginning of several managers and it will help you a lot of pieces in the course of the year, for example, to save; You can buy these big players before the price starts to rise with madness. Soon you will be formed and say: Every year, FIFA Community "I have followed the advice of this impressive site and this time have Ronaldo" to better this rule accept otherwise in FIFA 20 would be each team .. Messi and Ronaldo.


Do not be hypocrites us. As a player is not the motivation to build a new team, which is more than enough, EA Sports only real reason to continue to be money. Once "Fade" 17 assuming coins to get all these cards and FUT a completely new game that is about something ridiculously high profits. This is not only to force players to break new packages. It loses to another a whole new world for the FUT syndicate, its time value; lose all the old cards and coins. I do not think we are talking about small businesses involved. The annual growth rate of sales of digital games FIFA and EA Sports have increased because it makes more money by selling packages FUT real game.

Logistical Problems

If people in FUT 17 everything they had in FUT 16 back, it would be another problem on the game mechanics. It would be the end of it will not be, but they are definitely the game, the most confusing and unfair. What is the logic the same player, only to have several nominal cards because the season is over? Is it right that his players underestimated just because they had a worse season? Where is fair game, has when the game starts million pieces, while others do not? It would not be sustainable game for beginners, because the prices are ridiculously high. In a way, it is really necessary that the flow of money is so successful that we, competitive and sustainable have a fair game. And this can only happen when we start a new game.

What to do with all the cards and coins?

Now that you know that it will not be necessary and coins cards, it's time to start thinking about what to do with them. Most players try and enjoy it until the end. There are also people who decide to spend it in crates - fair enough.

The truth is that these currencies could be converted into real money, but at this time it is not really a brilliant cast. Two months before the start of the new game that get no more than 50 million euros for each of the coins, and the other in the past month, is reduced by half. So here's a lesson: If you want to be better rewarded for their thinking effort'll must start faster next time your business.

If you are a generous friend, to find someone who does not FIFA 17 is replaced and offer these coins. They are certainly very grateful. Note that very few people give an old FIFA after starting to play to play again, so do not worry regret a donation possible.

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